Banner artwork for conference request for proposals. Contains the conference theme "Embrace Change Together" within the outline of the state of Ohio. The conference tracks are visualized with icons around the outside of the Ohio outline. The Ohio State University Extension Annual Virtual Conference will be held December 7-9, 2020 and proposals are due October 9.

Please refer to the 2020 Extension Annual Conference tab under Career Development for more information! 

Awards for 2020 Extension Annual Conference Questionnaire 

As we move forward with a virtual Extension Annual Conference for 2020, it has sparked a lot of conversation amongst the Scholarships, Grants, & Recognition Committee for JCEP.  We wanted to evaluate the current awards that are given to our outstanding colleagues for their accomplishments in the various categories.  

We wanted to get your opinion on what you would prefer in terms of awards and the awards program. Please take a couple of minutes to answer the few questions in the following link: https://go.osu.edu/awardsinquiry.  

Please fill this out by Monday, October 12 at 9 a.m.  I would like to report back to JCEP that day and then to our Annual Conference Planning Committee.

The Extension Learning and Organizational Development unit provides resources, education, coaching and guidance, and support across four primary areas of Extension work: Assessment, Development, Evaluation, and Reporting.

Within each of these areas, we focus on the indivudal Extension professional and their personal career goals, the organization and its capacity for growth and success, and our internal and external audiences and how we can best meet their needs with the programs and products we offer.

We invite you to explore the resources available on our website, blog, and YouTube Channel or reach out to a team member with specific questions!

Check out our curated materials for navigating telework and virtual programming!

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  1. Dr. Teresa McCoy is Appointed as Director of the Learning and Organizational Development Unit

    Dec 10, 2019

    Dr. Teresa McCoy has been appointed as the director of the Learning and Organizational Development (LOD) unit for Ohio State University Extension. Teresa will begin her position in Ohio in early January 2020.