EEET Reports

EEET summary report examples...

Following an individual event

For Extension teaching events/programs/workshops for which an OSU Extension program faculty or staff member has collected paper EEETs, upon receipt and processing of EEET data at the Learning and Organizational Development (LOD) office, the original EEET forms and cover sheet will be returned and you will be able to access a summary report of scores for the event on the EEET dashboards. Please keep in mind, that if you have not used the CART system to collect EEET data, the LOD team will need time to process your paper forms. Data are typically uploaded to the EEET Dashboard on Mondays.
Instructions for accessing the EEET dashboards starts on page 4 of the CART instructions document (
Please read the instructions or view the demonstration video ( before accessing the  EEET dashboards (
Click here to view a sample of the individual EEET summary report.

For OSU Extension annual performance review

NEW FOR 2022 and beyond! All instructors who collect EEETs, including county-based program faculty and staff, will now be able to generate their own three-year EEET summary report if they have collected EEET forms during that timeframe. These reports will be available via the EEET dashboard in Tableau. Instructors no longer need to request this report from the LOD team. The EEET dashboards include: historical (pre-CART) online, paper-based, and CART EEETs. Remember, you need to have completed the current fical year Institutional Data Policy (IDP) training to be able to use the dashboard ( Click the following link to see if you have completed the training ( If you generate your report and see there are data missing, please contact for assistance.
Click to view a sample three-year EEET summary report.

For promotion/tenure

By mid- to late-March, a five-year summary report and comparison data is sent to all those who have submitted their names to the associate chair of the Department of Extension.
Click to view a sample five-year summary report.

For the fall review, a 5.5-year summary report and comparison data is sent to all those who are continuing in the promotion/tenure process (as defined by the list kept by the associate chair, department of Extension). These reports are very similar to the five-year summary report, except these contain an additional six months of data (through June 30 of the current calendar year in which the reports are run). These reports are sent out to the individuals by early August. Individuals have a review period, during which they may ask any questions of the LOD unit about their EEET summary report. After the review period for the EEET summary has passed, LOD staff will upload the reports to OneDrive, for inclusion with the individuals' P/T document and review by the associate chair and appropriate promotion committee.

Please note the above timelines and groups which will automatically get reports. If you fall outside of those groups and need to make a request for a report, please contact Debby Lewis ( for assistance.