Career Development and Continuous Learning

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Career Development

The Career Development and Continuous Learning team supports Extension personnel and units in acquiring, developing, and proactively mastering the skills and competencies that allow OSU Extension to serve the needs of Ohioans and provides Extension personnel with the opportunity to fulfill their career aspirations.

The Career Development and Continuous Learning team also supports Ohioans from across our state and in all walks of life in acquiring, developing, and proactively mastering the skills and competencies necessary to support their aspirations to pursue the careers and achieve the professional advancement they desire.

To accomplish these goals for Extension personnel, this team leads the process of developing the curriculum of professional development trainings, workshops, courses of study, and conferences for program personnel and administrative staff. Primary areas of support for Extension personnel include trainings in operational skills and learning opportunities to enhance and strengthen core competency areas. These activities are provided for Extension personnel across the length of their careers addressing the capacities needed from onboarding through middle and later career tenures.

To accomplish these goals for our clientele across Ohio and beyond, this team leads the process for developing and managing Extension’s outward-facing, non-credit continuing education opportunities including trainings, workshops, courses and certificate programs for external clientele. Primary areas of support for our clientele include a wide range of leadership, managment and similar workforce development programs, as well as educational opportunities in content-specific training needs in agriculture, family life, nutrition, youth development, and community development.

Core Values Related to OSU Extension Professional Development

  • Teamwork, collaboration, inclusiveness

  • Quality work, products and services with continuous improvement
  • High staff productivity, performance, morale, and ethical and legal behavior
  • Customer service, sensitivity and respect
  • Employee development, growth, innovation and risk taking