2020 Extension Annual Conference

Banner artwork for conference request for proposals. Contains the conference theme "Embrace Change Together" within the outline of the state of Ohio. The conference tracks are visualized with icons around the outside of the Ohio outline. The Ohio State University Extension Annual Virtual Conference will be held December 7-9, 2020 and proposals are due October 9.

The annual conference planning committee and Extension Administrative Cabinet are excited to announce that the OSU Extension Annual Conference will be going virtual this year for the first time ever! This will be a great opportunity to connect with your colleagues in a whole new way!

This year's conference theme is Embrace Change Together! The 2020 virtual conference will highlight how our efforts meet the challenges of today to create a more engaged tomorrow.

Faculty and staff in units throughout Ohio State who are in some way engaged in Extension work are encouraged to submit a proposal for one of the four tracks – employee engagement, workplace engagement, customer engagement, and community engagement.

Please use this “Request for Proposals” (RFP) document to prepare your proposal for submission to the link provided go.osu.edu/EAC_2020RFP.

2020 JCEP/ESP Award Opportunities are Live!

Nominations – your chance to help others get the recognition they deserve!

Friend of Extension - Due October 15 (Sam Custer, custer.2@osu.edu)   

Excellence in Extension - Due October 15 (Andrea Rees, rees.139@osu.edu

Awards – recognition of your creative and teaching and programming efforts!

Creative Works Applications - Due October 15 (Sally McClaskey, mcclaskey.12@osu.edu

Team Teaching Award Application - Due October 15 (Leslie Cooksey, cooksey.25@osu.edu

ESP Special Chapter Awards - Due October 15 (Judy Villard-Overocker, villard.1@osu.edu

Please feel free to explore the Ohio JCEP Awards Website that currently includes previous years’ information.

Need some inspiration for your submission video? Watch this video of Chad Littlefield, who happens to be one of our Keynote speakers for this year!  

Man giving a powerpoint presentation on virtual engagement

Creating Your Extension Annual Conference Video Submission

See the video submission training session offered by LOD members. See the video "description" for time stamps of topics discussed.