2020 Extension Annual Conference

Banner artwork for conference request for proposals. Contains the conference theme "Embrace Change Together" within the outline of the state of Ohio. The conference tracks are visualized with icons around the outside of the Ohio outline. The Ohio State University Extension Annual Virtual Conference will be held December 7-9, 2020 and proposals are due October 9.

Thank you for attending the Extension Annual Conference this year! 

The breakout sessions are available to view on the Learning and Organizational Development (LOD) unit's YouTube Channel. They are all in an "unlisted" playlist, please reach out to ShaLise Simmons for the specific link to view the sessions. 

The following sessions were not recorded to ensure a safe/brave space was provided in session: 

  • Developing White Body Stamina to Address Anti-Black Racism
  • Gender Demystified: Creating Inclusive Environments for People of All Genders
  • Putting the "E"xcellence back in TEAM: Understanding Your Office Dynamics

Please email ShaLise Simmons (simmons.761@osu.edu) or Jared Morrison (morrison.332@osu.edu), if you have any further questions. 

Extension Annual Conference 2020 Award Winners 


Here is a video of Chad Littlefield, who happens to be one of our Keynote speakers for this year!  

Man giving a powerpoint presentation on virtual engagement