MINE Program: Mentor. Impact. Network. Excel

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MINE Program: Mentor. Impact. Network. Excel

This program provides opportunities to connect with experienced mentors, peers, and resources within the university. Mentors will guide mentees through discussion and reflection while equipping them with the tools and characteristics to be successful and happy in OSU Extension. 

For ALL new hires, complete the New Hire Survey (go.osu.edu/newhiresurvey). This will include registration for the ONE Extension program (onboarding) and the MINE Program (mentoring)

Program Goals 

  • Provide a consistent mentor experience for all Extension employees to have the knowledge and resources needed to engage and succeed within the organization 

  • Instill a culture of learning, collaboration, and trust 

  • Establish connections and relationships between generations of OSU Extension colleagues 

  • Model best practices and provide a wide variety of tools and resources for success

Match Process - Mentors and Mentees are match based on a variety of factors including:

  • Position type 

  • Position level 

  • Years of service 

  • Big Five Personality Assessment scores 

  • Program Area 

2023 Mentor Training Dates:


The cornerstone of this program is a core of talented mentors with experience and guidance to propel mentees forward. 

  • Each mentee will have an assigned mentor relationship with access to the pool of trained mentors 

  • Action-oriented meetings to develop core competencies 

  • Guided reflection to ignite intrinsic motivation 

  • Toolbox of resources to learn, practice, and utilize 


 We all hope to make an impact throughout our time with OSU Extension. This program provides impact at any stage in the organization 

  • Knowledge sharing between Extension generations 

  • Work with groups of peers to strengthen networks 

  • Higher level of job satisfaction 

  • Better job performance 

  • Higher level of overall success 

  • Development of core competencies  

  • Communication 

  • Interpersonal Relationships 

  • Professionalism 

  • Leadership 


Working together improves our products, programs, and outcomes. This program will establish strong networks and connections many resources 

  • Access to mentor and mentee training 

  • Connect with peers in the program 

  • Tools/resources (CFAES and OSU-wide) 

  • Informal drop-in sessions

  • Work together to push each other to achieve at higher levels 

  • Programming and professional development 

  • Priority impacts immediately 

  • Emphasis on quality over quantity (high-quality programming) 

Mentor desired qualities:  Responsibilities (Mentors and Mentees) 
  • Team player 

  • Trustworthy, ethical, professional behavior 

  • Positive attitude and a sense of humor 

  • Respected by peers; shows respect for others 

  • Listen and communicate effectively 

  • Recognizes and encourages excellence 

  • Self-confident 

  • Patient, encouraging, caring, and sympathetic 

  • Appreciates and encourages diversity 

  • Flexible/adaptable, receptive to innovative ideas 

  • Set aside time to meet regularly 

  • Share resources, expertise, and experiences 

  • Maintain confidentiality 

  • Display professionalism 

  • Be an active listener 

  • Participate in training and touch-base meetings 

  • Complete ongoing evaluations 

  • Minimum one-year commitment 


For questions or to get involved with the program, contact T mccoy.860@osu.edu, Diane mashburn.10@osu.edu, or ShaLise simmons.761@osu.edu.