Learning The Ropes


Learning the Ropes

On Wednesday, June 26 Learning and Organizational Development, Extension Operations, and partners, offered a series of webinars to help us all - new, newer, or seasoned personnel – learn and grow together through discussing the knowledge and experience common to all types of Extension work and all the roles we play in our organization. Topics covered include:

  • Our organization and its history, culture, and mission
  • Common expectations for our roles, rights, and responsibilities
  • Shared expectations for operational procedures and practices


June 26, 2019 Learning The Ropes:

    June 26, 2019 Agenda

    Part 1

    Part 1 Recording (48:11)

    Extension History Presentation (Cindy Torppa)

    Part 2

    Part 2 Recording (57:27)

    Extension Professionalism Presentation (Cindy Torppa)

    Test Your Professionalism Scenarios (Cindy Torppa)

    Personal Mission Exercise (Brian Raison)

    Elevator Speech Exercise (Brian Raison)

    Part 3

    Part 3 Recording (58:29)

    Operations Presentation (Jackie Wilkins)