Wiser on Wednesday: Extension Keys Series

Wiser on Wednesdays

Wiser on Wednesday is back for 2023!

Please mark your calendars:

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 1-2:30pm (Efficiency)

Katie Phillips   Stacy Cochran  Brian Butler 

Presenters: Katie Phillips (Left), Stacy Cochran (Center), Brian Butler (Right), Valerie Kowley (not pictured)

Session Recording 

For April's session, we'll feature adaptability and efficiency keys. We're excited to introduce co-hosts Stacy Cochran and Katie Phillips, program managers from the Knowledge Exchange (KX), and Brian Butler and Valerie Kohlwey from the Learning and Organizational Development (LOD). This month's workshop offers hands-on training for KX's new custom report builder, the Knowledge Explorer. Participants will learn the basics of building a report, key tool features, and the many data options available. The second half of the session will showcase report examples useful for grant writing or to answer programmatic needs in your county. A robust Q&A after offers the opportunity to share ideas for how participants envision using the Knowledge Explorer in their work. 


Wednesday, February 22, 1-2:00pm (Inclusion & Care)

Headshot photo of Emily Callen





Presenter: Emily Callen, Community Food Equity Manager at Dayton Children's Hospital

For our first 2023 session, we will discuss the Social Determinants and Food Insecurity Impacts on Health. Our presenter is Emily Callen, who is a Community Food Equity Manager at Dayton Children's Hospital. In this session, we will understand what the social determinants of health are and their influence on health outcomes, define food insecurity and give examples of what it may look like, engage in discussion around food insecurity, and listen to the shared experiences of the group.

2022 Wiser on Wednesday Sessions: 

Wednesday, March 23, 1-2:00pm (Inclusion & Care)

Headshot of Nicole Nieto





Presenter: Nicole Nieto, Engaging Diverse Communities 

For March, we will be focusing on engaging diverse communities. We are excited to have Nicole Nieto, assistant vice provost for Outreach and Engagement in the Office of Academic Affairs, present the workshop. This workshop examines the impacts of social identity and systemic imbalances of power in engaging diverse communities and provides foundational knowledge to participants of key terms and concepts, including social identity, bias, privileged identities, and targeted identities. 

Wednesday, May 25, 1-2:00 pm (Care)

Photo of Pratibha Gupta, Ph.D.

Presenter: Pratibha Gupta, Research Associate Professor/State Extension Specialist FCS A.R.D.P/C.E.S.T.A

For May, do you have a deficiency within your body, like low iron or calcium? Are you curious to know what kind of foods we need to improve those deficiencies? Dr. Gupta will discuss the importance of what we should be eating and define the minerals in food that we need to consume for better health. Join LOD by registering at the link below!

Wednesday, July 27, 1-3:00 pm (Trust, Inclusion, Care)

Headshot photo of Dawn Burton Headshot photo of Craig Rotter

Dawn Burton and Craig Rotter

Dawn Burton from Prairie View A&M University and Craig Rotter from Texas A & M University will be joining together to present a session on one of our Extension Keys - Inclusion!

Wednesday, August 24, 1-2:30 pm (Efficiency & Trust)


Headshot of Matthew Sowcik

Matthew Sowcik

Matthew Sowick from the University of Florida will be presenting a session on two Extension keys - Efficiency and Trust - more information on the session to come!