COVID-19 Telecommuting and Online Learning Support

In an effort to respond to organizational needs related to COVID-19 and our transition to telework and online teaching and learning, the Extension Learning and Organizational Development unit will be creating and curating resources here. Check back for daily updates.

Computer on dining room table

Telecommuting and Team Engagement

Getting Started with Telecommuting Zoom meeting (3/16)

Keep Working Website

Working Through COVID-19 (Human Resources)

Gateway to Learning (Buckeye Learning Burst)

eXtension Remote Work Resources

Team Engagement: Collaboration meeting (6/12)

Team Engagement: Communication meeting (6/19)

Team Engagement: Care meeting (6/26)

Online Teaching

Keep Teaching Website

LOD Canvas meeting (3/19)

EEET Overview meeting (3/23) - begin at minute-mark 21:30

Request an online EEET for your online teaching/webinar (

Online Learning

Keep Learning Website


LOD Zoom 101 meeting (3/17)

LOD Zoom 102 meeting (3/20)

Getting Started on Windows and Mac

Virtual Background

Customize Your Profile Picture

Testing Computer Audio

Mastering Zoom YouTube Playlist


Share an Outlook Calendar with Others

View Multiple Calendars at the Same Time

Turn an Email into an Appointment

Skype for Business

Skype for Business Overview meeting (3/23)

OSU Skype for Business Knowledge Base

Digital Engagement

Facebook Pages

Get Started with Facebook Pages

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Live (Lives Videos)

What is Facebook Live?

Go Live from Creator Studio

Facebook Video Best Practices

How to Premiere a Video as a Live Event

Facebook Live meeting (3/24)


Upload, Compose, and Post Instagram Content from Creator Studio


Adobe Creative Cloud meeting (3/26)

Adobe Spark meeting 3/27

Strategic Engagement meeting 3/30

Design Principles meeting 3/31

Indesign 101 meeting 4/2

Canva 101 meeting 4/3

Canva 101 meeting 4/3

Polish Before You Publish

Accessibility meeting 5/4

Becoming a PowerPoint Power User meeting 5/5

Photography 101 meeting 5/6

Photo Editing 101 meeting 5/7

Assessing Impact, Reach and Engagement of Digital Content meeting 5/8

Video Production

Pre-production: Planning for Video meeting 4/20

High Production Video Creation meeting 4/21

Low-Production Video Creation: Working with Mobile meeting 4/23

Adobe Premiere Rush meeting 4/24

Adobe Premiere Pro meeting 4/24

Qualtrics and Excel

Using Qualtrics to Collect Registration meeting 4/6

Using Qualtrics for Evaluation and Reporting meeting 4/7

Using Excel to Manage Registration Data meeting 4/9

Using Excel for Analyzing Evaluation Data meeting 4/10

Understanding Community Needs and Assets: Tools and Approaches

Getting Started with Community Needs Assessments meeting 5/11

Listening to Your Community meeting 5/12

I Listened... So How do I Make Sense of All These Words meeting 5/13

Getting Started with Assets and Access-Based Approaches meeting 5/14

Community Assets and Needs in Real-Time meeting 5/15

Evaluation Boot Camp

Evaluation Matters meeting 5/18

Communicating Through Qualtrics meeting 5/19

Let Your Survey Do The Work! meeting 5/20

Evaluation Showcase: Success Stories from the Field meeting 5/21

Sharing Impact through Storytelling and Data: Not Mutually Exclusive meeting 5/22

Extension Reporting and Vita: Your Data Matters!

Extension Reporting: It Does Matter and Makes a Difference

Writing Goals and Objectives and Developing Curricula: Get Started the Right Way

Become a Vita Expert: Part I – Extension Department

Become a Vita Expert: Part II – Elements Data

Wellness During COVID-19

Health and Wellness Resources from The Ohio State University