Recorded Trainings

The Learning and Organizational Development unit is pleased to offering recordings of our past training opportunities. Check back here daily for new recordings.

Man and woman sitting at table with computer

Microsoft Teams Training (11/6/2020)




Digital Engagement and Design Bootcamp
Strategic Engagement (3/30)


Design Principles (3/31)


Facebook 101 (4/1)


InDesign 101 (4/2)


Canva 101 (4/3)


Program Registration and Data Management with Qualtrics and Excel
Using Qualtrics to Collect Registation (4/6)


Using Qualtrics for Evaluation and Reporting (4/7)


Using Excel to Manage Registration Data (4/9)
Using Excel for Analyzing Evaluation Data


Mic, Camera, Action: Video Production for Education and Outreach
Pre-production: Planning for Video

Storyboard Template
Session Slide Deck

High Production Video Creation

Session Slide Deck

Low Production Video Creation: Working with Mobile

Session Slide Deck

Adobe Premiere Rush
Adobe Premiere Pro


Polish Before You Publish
Accessibility in Extension and Higher Education
Become a PowerPoint Power User
Photography 101


Photo Editing 101


Assessing Impact, Reach and Engagement of Digital Content


Understanding Community Needs and Assets: Tools and Approaches
Getting Started with Community Needs Assessments


Listening to Your Community


I Listened... So How do I Make Sense of All These Words?


Getting Started with Assets and Access-Based Approaches


Community Assets and Needs in Real-Time


Evaluation Matters


Communicating Through Qualtrics


Let Your Survey Do The Work!


Evaluation Showcase: Success Stories from the Field


Sharing Impact through Storytelling and Data: Not Mutually Exclusive


Extension Reporting: It Does Matter and Makes a Difference


Writing Goals and Objectives and Developing Curricula: Get Started the Right Way


Become a Vita Expert Part 1 - Extension Department


Become a Vita Expert: Part II – Elements Data


Team Engagement: Collaboration


Team Engagement: Communication


Team Engagement: Care