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Zoom Best Practices for Meeting Participants

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Zoom Best Practices for Meeting Participants

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Safeguarding Against ZoomBoming

Zoom Best Practices
When preparing...
  • Find a quiet location for Zoom meetings to avoid background noise.
  • Use a headset with built-in microphone to avoid echo. Simple earbuds (with mics) work well!
  • Choose a well-lit location and position your video camera so your entire face is in the frame. A simple desk lamp or window work well. When possible, avoid backlighting.
  • Position yourself in front of a clean, non-distracting background or use a virtual background to hide distractions.
  • Dress to impress. Wear appropriate work attire. Branded apparel is a plus! Clothing with small patterns can be distracting on camera and should be avoided.
  • Use a dual montior setup so you can see meeting participants on one screen and your slide deck on the other.
  • Invite a moderator to help moniter and respond to chat questions, mute participants, and remove potential Zoombombers from the meeting.
When presenting...
  • Show up early and start on time. By arriving early, you can ensure technical issues are handled ahead of the meeting.
  • Start each meeting by providing participants with an introduction to Zoom features including chat, non-verbal feedback, and reactions. Let participants know whether they shuld ask questions during the presentation or save them until the end.
  • Look directly into the camera when speaking to engage participants.
  • Use natural hand gestures and expressions while you're presenting. Act natural and be genuine!
  • When sharing your screen, close all unnecessary browser tabs.
  • Using the "new share" feature to switch between screen share options rather than stopping and starting the screen share.
  • Avoid noisy tasks like typing while you're unmuted. If you must type during a meeting, use a headset or external mic so the computer mic does not pick up typing sounds.
Other tips...
  • Ensure participants know that their private chats are saved along with chat messages sent to everyone when they save a chat transcript to their computer.

On-demand Zoom Webinar Trainings

Getting Started with Zoom (30 minutes)

Zoom Meeting Training (60 minutes)

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Zoom Rooms Training (60 minutes)