Introduction/Background of the EEET System

Extension program personnel are teachers. Periodic assessment, or evaluation, of completed teaching improves the awareness of teaching effectiveness.

The EEET portion of this website provides the most up-to-date set of Evaluation of Effective Extension Teaching documents for Ohio State University Extension. Most of this information on this site is included in portable document format (pdf) so the user can down load the form, and make appropriate copies.

Please note that these forms do not measure the impact of teaching, but rather the quality of teaching. When used in conjunction with other kinds of information, these forms provide extensive, objective documentation of teaching effectiveness.

Data from Ohio State University Extension instructors/educators have been collected since 1991. A database exists which allows comparisons on nine teaching effectiveness variables for individual in the promotion/tenure process. The individual submitting EEET forms for tabulation can use the results for self-improvement. EEET forms are a required component of both the performance appraisal process and the promotion/tenure process for program faculty and staff.

The EEET summary on any given Extension instructor’s teaching is confidentially returned to that instructor. It is the responsibility of the Extension instructor to review his or her EEET summary report for accuracy and completeness before sending to his or her supervisor for performance appraisal purposes.