Instructions for Using EEET Group Forms (I, II, III & Multiple Instructors):

  1. EEET instruments are intended for face-to-face teaching with five (5) or more participants.
  2. Provide separate EEET forms for each instructor OR use copies of the Multiple Instructors Form.
  3. If using the Multiple Instructor form, designate an educator for the columns (A,B,C,D) and put their names on the EEET form before copying and distributing.
  4. Complete a separate EEET cover sheet for each instructor and set of EEET forms.
  5. Do not delete, change, or alter the wording or the order of any item on the instruments.
  6. Identify someone (volunteer) other than the instructor/educator (a participant, co-worker, or other person) to distribute the forms to the participants.
  7. Read the instructions with a sample question to participants. Encourage participants to respond to each question. Encourage participants to write comments and suggestions in the space provided*. Ask the participants not to identify themselves on the forms.
  8. Then leave the room and allow the volunteer to proceed to distribute and collect forms.
  9. Give participants at least 10 minutes to complete the instrument.
  10. Have the volunteer collect, place in envelope, seal, and mail the completed EEET forms and EEET cover sheet(s) to:

Attention: EEETs
Ag Admin Bldg, Room 25
2120 Fyffe Road 
Columbus, Ohio  43210 

**Note: No summary is made of written comments, nor is any data entered into the database other than the nine variables.  However, all forms are confidentially returned to the Extension educator with a statistical summary of the nine variables.

To Ask Questions, Contact:
Debby Lewis, PhD
Learning and Organizational Development
Ohio State University Extension  
Ag Admin Bldg, room 25G
2120 Fyffe Road 
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Phone: 614-292-5089
Fax: 614-688-3807