The Learning and Organizational Development unit provides education and program support in:

  • Professional development, workforce development, and continuing education to support Extension personnel and for Extension’s outreach to external audiences.  
  • Program reporting and accountability including support for processes such as needs assessments, strategizing and implementation, evaluation and impact documentation, and individual and institutional accountability.
  • Digital engagement and educational technology integration to enhance Extension personnel effectiveness and ability to reach and serve a broad range of Ohio citizens.


  1. Cindy Torppa, Director of Learning and Organizational Development, Retires

    Jun 28, 2019

    Cindy Torppa, director of Learning and Organizational Development (LOD), has announced that she will begin a new adventure when she retires from Ohio State University Extension on June 30. Establishing a LOD unit was a key element of the initial designEXT implementation, and I appreciate that Cindy took leadership of that effort during the restructuring process.