Links for Spanish-language versions of EEET forms in BuckeyeBox

NOTE: you do NOT need to login to your BuckeyeBox account to access these EEET forms.  When you click on one of the links below, it is likely you will see something like this:

IGNORE THE "PLEASE WAIT ... " MESSAGE.  You need to DOWNLOAD the form.  

To download, click the "Download" button in the upper right of the BuckeyeBox screen (see the yellow rectangle in the image above).  This will save a copy of the EEET form on your computer.  

You will then need to open the downloaded form in either ADOBE ACROBAT OR ADOBE READER (Reader is the free version of Adobe).  Note that your machine's settings may be configured to automatically open the PDF in your internet browser.  If this is occurring, close the internet window that appears, manually open Adobe Reader / Acrobat from your list of programs, then open the file from it's downloaded location.

Need to download a free copy of Adobe Reader?

BuckeyeBox links to Spanish-language versions of forms:

Form I (version 1):

Form I (version 2):

Form II:

Form III:

Multiple Instructor: