Video Production

Video is king of content and it's easy to see why. People find videos more engaging, more memorable, and more popular than any other type of content available. But getting started with video production can be tricky. Check out the video production bootcamp series below to learn more about planning, producing, and editing your Extension videos!

Digital Storytelling: Planning Your Videos

The most effective videos used in extension and teaching are ones where the creators have identified the goals of the video ahead of time and also laid out different “scenes”. This upfront work makes the editing process later much easier and time efficient. In this session you will learn skills in storyboarding, scripting and branding for both in-the-field and studio recordings.


CFAES Video Studio Orientation

In this session we orient you to the equipment and software tools available in both the Wooster and Columbus Studio spaces. This includes equipment you can use for recording videos in the studio or checking out to take to the field, as well as PC and Apple tools you can use in the studio for editing your files. We will briefly demonstrate how to use each. Topics of discussion will include camera setup, on screen participant wardrobe considerations, lighting considerations, audio considerations in the studio and in the field, and how to handle mistakes and retakes.


After the Shoot: Editing and Sharing Your Videos

In this session we focus on editing video/audio to produce a final product, exporting files, closed captioning, and video hosting/storage options. A brief demo of Clips, iMovie and Adobe Rush will be provided to give you a glimpse of editing software platforms. Clips and iMovie are Apple device only software. Adobe Rush can be used on Apple devices and PCs with Windows.

Additional Resources:

CFAES Brand Video Guidelines and Resources