ScarletCanvas Interface

What is ScarletCanvas?

CFAES ScarletCanvas (ScarletCanvas) is a platform that combines a course “storefront”, registration system (Catalog), payment gateway, and a learning management system (LMS) to provide non-academic credit, public-facing education programs and workshops across Ohio and beyond. Courses can be hosted in the ScarletCanvas Catalog, with the potential to be listed elsewhere.

Courses can be listed for free or for a fee. At this time, instructors collect 93% of any participant fees earned, transferred to the Worktag of their choice. The remaining 7% of participant fees are withheld to cover credit card transaction fees. Participant fees earned are transferred quarterly.

Visit the ScarletCanvas Catalog to check out current courses offered throughout the university.

ScarletCanvas Catalog

Getting Started

ScarletCanvas Instructor Training Course

First-time ScarletCanvas users can enroll in the required ScarletCanvas Instructor Training course (linked below). This online training, itself hosted in ScarletCanvas, is required of all instructors to receive a Catalog listing for courses hosted in Scarlet. The goal of this training is to introduce instructors to the ScarletCanvas Course Quality Checklist, provide a base knowledge of digital accessibility and best course design practices, and connect instructors to resources to help them meet the course quality standards outlined in the Checklist when developing public-facing courses.

Please note you will be prompted to create a ScarletCanvas account to enroll in this training course or any course hosted in Scarlet. ScarletCanvas is not connected to the university’s Single Sign-On (SSO) system, so your Ohio State credentials cannot be used to log in.

Enroll: ScarletCanvas Instructor Training

Request a Course Shell

After completing the required ScarletCanvas Instructor Training course, you can request your own course shell and begin building your online course from a template that will be provided.

Request a Course Shell

Request a Catalog Listing

Once your course build is complete, you can then request a Catalog listing in the ScarletCanvas Catalog. Courses can be listed publicly in the Global Catalog or made available only to specific audiences with an enrollment link. An accessibility assessment will be conducted before courses can be listed publicly in the Global Catalog.

Instructors of Master Gardener Volunteer courses, please use the following form to request a new course section: MGV New Course Section Request

Request a Catalog Listing

For additional questions about getting started in ScarletCanvas, contact Summer McLain at