Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. Login to Research in View (RiV) using your name.# and Kerberos password. If you can’t remember your password, go to to reset it. [  (click on the orange “SIGN IN” button)].  If RiV will not let you in or does not recognize you, please follow step 8 below.

  2. SKIP or say "NO THANKS" to the journal article search AND Researcher ID affiliation offers.  You are only given these options during the login process the VERY first time you log in to RiV.  However, if you want to do either of them later, YOU CAN, but skip them for now.

  3. Click “PROFILE” in the upper left corner.  If you do not have a "PROFILE" menu option this is considered a "technical difficulty", please email and let them know that your account needs to be corrected.

  4. To view / edit / add Extension Activity data (including Programs and their associated Events, Goals, Specializations, etc.) select the grey “NON-DOSSIER ITEMS” menu option in the left-hand menu. 
    You have to click this button to view the options in the NON-DOSSIER ITEMS section.

  5. Click on the "+" sign next to “Extension”.  In the image to the right, the vertical arrow is pointing to a "-" sign, which used to be a "+" sign.  You must click on the "+" sign to view items in that section, click on the "-" sign to hide the items.

  6. You will notice when you view your RiV profile that ALL your Extension Programs / Events are visible from all years when you entered data!  In OSU:pro, we had the archiving of programs feature...the user interface for RiV is different in that you see everything all the time!  DO NOT try to "clean up" your profile by deleting your previous year's programs!!!!!! You are deleting data that may be needed in the future for various reports (for yourself, federal, state, or team reports).  It is very important that you DO NOT delete your historical programs (just like in URS).

  7. If you EDIT a previous year's program and change the reporting year, you have effectively DELETED that program from the previous year's data.  To be safe, PLEASE DO NOT EDIT A PREVIOUS YEAR'S PROGRAM!  You may COPY a previous year's program, which will add another copy of the program to your profile that you can then change the reporting year for the COPY!!  Please see the "Quick Start Guide" posted here (or see the "Helpful Documents" page link, above left) for more detailed instructions.

  8. When using RiV, if you encounter technical difficulties, please either use the "Send Feedback" link (in the upper-right corner next to your name) or send an email to Please be specific when reporting issues and problems.

  9. If you need assistance trying to figure out what should go where (after you have read the "helpful documents"), please contact Debby Lewis ( or Kim Bahnsen Showalter ( for further assistance.  The recorded trainings posted here (or see the "RiV Training Recordings" page link, above left), conducted by Debby and Kim, are also a helpful resource.